Registry Winner 2012

Registry Winner

3: Now that should have installed nicely, Next thing is to add the new sking we just downloaded, To do this just goto this folder location, D:\Program Files\XBMC\skin Instead of d: drive yours may be c: drive.4.Now extract the content of that skin zip file to that folder location above and you should now have a folder like mine bellow like bellow,(don't worry if yours has more or less than what mine has as long as the rapier skin folder is in there. 5: Now we have the skin in the correct folder it is time to run the XBMC. There should be a application link in your start menu and/or on your desktop.Just click that and wait for it to open, This will be full screen so i suggest you remember to use the Windows key whenever you want to select the  explorer to look at this tutorial again.6: Now we have it running you must remember that most things now are gona be run by the keyboard however you can still use your mouse to a sertain extent so we will just carry on, Stray to the options button and click it, Either with your Mouse but doing it with the keyboard is easier just use the left right ect to move the menu across and select to select it.7: Now you are on the options part go to the skin section and click down until you see the rapier selection, Now just leave it on that and backspace button on the keyboard, Your XBMC should now change it's appearance,8: Now seeing as both movies and tv options are the same for the following part of the tutorial i will just show you the one for Movies.First of all strafe to the video's button and hit enter You should be presented with the following screen. 5. So now you have it running on the program there should be a box that above it says XBMC location and just to the right of that box should be a browse button, Click that and browse to where XBMC is located (I.E, c:/programfiles/XBMC) And then click OK.6. Next just click check for updates and let it have a quick check, If it finds any it should come up with a dialog asking if you want to install the updates, Just click yes and let it run (it may take arround 2-10min depending on your connection speed).7. Now when done you should have the most updated version of XBMC, So run it like you normally would, Now You may nitce you have a totally different theme set and you wont be able to find your other themes, This is because the themes you had are not compatable with the newer version of XBMC so that is why we downloaded the Dharma Branch version of the theme and also why we had to leave it in a zip file,So On XBMC goto system and click on Appearence the click The Right arrow on the keyboardand then press enter, That should open this dialog like bellow:. 8. Now using your mouse click the Get More Button to the bottom left of that window, Now on there you shouldn't see anything don't worry about this just press Enter twice and now you should have 4 options like bellow:. 9. So on there click the Install from zip file Button and browse to the Qualar Rapier File we have on the desktop and click  select it, The window shouls now disapere and in a few seconds you should get a little message saying somthing allong the lines of mod install or theme installed ect.10. So now we have it all do ne nearly, One last thing to do is go back to your home screen and go back to your System Then Appearence and click again on the skin button to the right hand side and select the theme  Rapier Qular Mod now let it load then click backspace twice.11. Thats it sorted Once again the IMDB scraper should work again and everything else should work nice and fast. So have a browse through everything as there are some nice new additions and addons available.Update 4 Please note tutorial section goes on the basis that you have upgraded. Download and install the new and best themeFirst of all download the files from here: Click here On that page select downloads and download the .zip file.And save the file to your desktop (makes things alot easier)Now open XBMC and go to your settings that should open the Appearance settings by default like bellow,. Now using the keyboard, click right and click Enter then on that next registry winner 2012 box click Right then click Left that should now have you on the Get more selection like bellow;. 3.2: Now on there you shouldn't have any files (like I do) unless you have already added your films and tried to add Tveps, So now click down to Add Source and click Enter then Enter Again, That should now bring up a new box, like bellow, So now browse to that first folder we made called TV episodes and and click enter on it, (Again like bellow). 3.3: So now resting on that folder, using the keyboard click Right Then Enter And that should bring up the following screen:. Now you can see the Set Content tab so using the keyboard select it and click Enter to bring up this screen:. Then using the keyboard again click OK.4: so now we have our folders set-up and XBMC set-up to see the folders as Tv episodes, So next all we are going to do is let XBMC search the folder, To do this is rather simple and has two ways, However we are going to just use one which is to, while on the source page rest on the new source we just added and (using the keyboard) click C And on that next box click Scan for content that should now scan your files and add all the content to your Tvshows library on XBMC, so finally click Esc on the Keyboard (Top left hand side) to bring us back to the main screen.